Pastoral Council

Pastoral Council

           Pastoral Council Members 2015/16

Executive Board

Jeff Breighner, Chair

Maria Luque, Vice Chair

Shelley Koukoulas, Secretary

Commission Chairs

Greg Krasowski, Liturgy

Lizzette Vargas, Hispanic

Shelley Koukoulas, Community Life

Open, Service

Tom Maher, Evangelization

At Large

Charlie Stevenson

Belkys Pinson

Joyce Contrino

Sue Saumenig

Teresa Propst

As the collaborative, discerning and consultative body, representing the whole community of St. Michael the Archangel Church, the purposes of this Pastoral Council shall be:

(a)    To share responsibility with the Pastor for the life, mission, and ministries of the parish;

(b)   To provide insight and prudent advice concerning the policies, procedures and programs which would assist in the implementation of the parish vision statement and parish pastoral plan;

(c)    To provide an open, honest and respectful forum of communication and dialogue regarding parish affairs among the pastor, associate pastors, permanent deacons, religious, parish staff, and laity;

(d)   To actively encourage by all available means the use of the gifts and talents of all parish members in the life and ministries of the parish;

(e)    To discern the needs and concerns of the parish as a whole and provide recommendations to the Pastor as to the manner in which they may best be addressed;

(f)     To continue to develop, maintain and review the vision statement of the Parish and to evaluate the manner in which it is being effectuated in the Parish;

(g)    To participate, through active cooperation in regional and archdiocesan collegial bodies and events, in the total life and mission of the Church of the Archdiocese of Baltimore;

(h) To collaborate with other religious and civic groups in working for the common good of the broader Overlea community and surrounding neighborhoods.

From the Pastoral Council Constitution and By-Laws

Adopted February 5, 2002
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